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For availing any services (paid or free) from the website you need to register.

Chose your gender, activity factor, lifestyle etc and put your details i.e. age, height, body weight and fat % from the picture that is closest to your body type. The software will get you an output as BMR and TDEE.

You can increase the calories depending upon your progress and increase in activity factor on a weekly basis.

Mentors are available between working hours i.e. between 10:00 AM to 7:00 PM. In case of an exigency, they can be contacted on text, voice call. Responding to your call/text/email post working hours depends on their availability.

You can either mail the queries to jay@musclesadnwellness.com or customercare@musclesandwellness.com. The queries shall be answered on FIFO basis and you shall get the response within 24 hours of receipt of query mail.

Yes you may plan your diet and save it on your personal dashboard.

You can avail to buy a notification services on our mobile app for just Rs.99/- a month and get your diet and workout notifications as per your saved schedule.

The refunds policy captures the same under "terms and conditions" section please go through that for more clarity.

You can simply raise a ticket from your dashboard and the same shall be processed within next 48 hours subject to valid reasons.

It’s basically a twin plan and can be bought for 2 people together.

There is no guarantee for any such thing. It all depends upon how you follow the recommended diet plan.

you may ask any queries on our facebook group https://www.facebook.com/groups/1103276413062838/ and get a reply for free.

No. Mentors on our platform are experienced sports nutrition and exercise experts, who recommend/suggest various dieting formats to their clients.

You need to get the chart vetted by a registered dietitian of your choice or doctor and then only start the diet.

You are suggested to read the "terms and conditions" section and then only hire a mentor.

All the terms and conditions as mentioned applies to all users be it an online user or a user who is taking services from franchise.

Kindly share your updated resume with us at harshad@musclesandwellness.com and we shall get back to you..