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Body Types – By Mohammed. Shakir

Published July 21, 2017 Total Comments : 0

Body Types

Everyone has a dream physique but how do you know if you can achieve it or not?

First of all, you need to understand that what is your body type and then you need to plan your diet and workout accordingly.

So there are mainly 5 types of body:-
1) Ectomorph
2) Pseudo Ectomorph
3) Mesomorph
4) Pseudo Mesomorph
5) Endomorph

• Ectomorph

An ectomorph is a skinny person with light built, small joints and lean muscle. Ectomorph’s usually have long thin limbs and stringy muscles.

• Traits of an Ectomorph

1) Delicate frame and bone structure
2) Classic “Hard Gainer”
3) Flat Chest
4) Small Shoulders
5) Thin
6) Lean Muscle Mass
7) Fast Metabolism

• Tips for Ectomorph
It is very hard for Ectomorph’s to gain weight as they have a fast metabolism so what they eat gets burnt very fast. In order to gain weight Ectomorph’s need to eat more calories. They should eat before sleep to prevent muscle catabolism. Supplements are definitely recommended. Ectomorph’s generally can lose fat very easily which makes them lean easily.
Ectomorph’s should follow a short intense workout focusing on big group muscles. They should work 6 days a week, everyday single body workout so that more calories are not burnt and saved for muscle growth. Exercise should be done with heavy weights (Proper Form) and 4-8 reps are ideal. As we want to grow muscles. Ectomorph’s have more of slow twitch muscle (Type 1). Slow twitch muscles are used for long endurance work like running marathon. So to increase fast twitch muscle rep range should be low 4-8. So for gaining muscle mass calculate TDEE and BMR (http://musclesandwellness.com/bmr-calculator.php) and start 100 caloires less than TDEE and then increase 100 calories every week (as we don’t want to add fat while gaining muscles).

• Pseudo Ectomorph

This kind of body is similar to ectomorphs. Their traits and genes are also the same but there is one thing different in them from ectomorph is they have a big tummy and small bone structure and less muscle mass.
They should start with BMR +200cals (http://musclesandwellness.com/bmr-calculator.php) as we don’t want to gain fat while gaining muscles and we want to cut down that extra fat near that abdomen area. They also have slow twitch muscle like Ectomorph’s. So to gain fast twitch muscle they should hit 6-10 reps with medium weight. They should focus more on core workout also as they have to cut that extra fat and also make their core strong.

• Mesomorph
A mesomorph is sone one who has a big bone structure, large muscles and an athletic physique. They find it easy to gain muscle and lose weight. They are naturally strong and this kind of body types is best for Bodybuilding.

• Traits of a Mesomorph

1) Athletic
2) Hard body
3) Well defined muscles
4) Rectangular shaped body
5) Strong
6) Gains muscles easily
7) Gains fat more easily then ectomorph

• Tips for mesomorph
Gains are usually seen very quickly and especially for beginners. But, the disadvantage is they gain fat also quickly in comparison to ectomorph. It means that they should keep an eye on their intake. A combination of weight training and cardio works best for mesomorph. They should start their calorie intake between BMR and TDEE (http://musclesandwellness.com/bmr-calculator.php) i.e. average of BMR and TDEE and then increase every week according to the progress to maintain and increase muscle mass.

They have a good balance of slow and fast twitch muscles. For them 8-12 reps will work better with medium weights. They can also follow the periodization technique which means one week hitting more reps i.e. 10-12 with medium weights and next week hitting low reps i.e. 4-8 reps with heavy weights.

• Pseudo Mesomorph

Pseudo mesomorphs have similar traits like mesomorph and they have good genes. But, they have a good structure i.e. big chest, big arms but their abdomen and butts are also big. So, to cut that down they should start their calorie intake from BMR+100 (http://musclesandwellness.com/bmr-calculator.php) so that they can gain muscles and also cut fat together. They should focus on weight training as well as cardio. The rep range should be between 10-12 reps.

• Endomorph

Endomorph is a solid body type and soft. They gain fat very easily. Their structure is short with thick legs and arms. Their muscles are strong and especially upper legs.

• Traits of an Endomorph

1) Gains muscles and fat easily
2) Soft and round body
3) Short
4) Hard to lose fat
5) Slow metabolism
6) Less-Defined Muscles

Endomorphs gain weight easily but the large part of that gained weight is fat and not muscle. To keep fat level low Endomorph’s should always train with cardio and weights as well. Endomorph’s usually don’t need supplements if their protein intake is on point.

As Endomorph’s gain weight easily they should not go on a high calorie diet but they should start from BMR and maximum they can go till TDEE (http://musclesandwellness.com/bmr-calculator.php) but not more than that. They should keep increasing 60 to 100cals every week and then again calculate BMR and start again. Calorie intake should be around BMR so that fat can also be shredded. Training volume should be high as we have to shred those extra fats. As endomorphs have fast twitch muscles they have to activate slow twitch muscles also so the rep range should be around 12-15 reps.

So now I think that you are clear about which category you fall under, which kind of diet you have to follow, and how should be your training be done.

Article Written By: Mohammed Shakir

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