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Wondering how to start your Fitness Journey?

Published July 9, 2018 Total Comments : 0


Everybody wants to be fit and healthy. We dream about looking like a Bebo or Shakira or a hunk like Hrithik or Brad Pitt. There is nothing wrong with dreaming or thinking about it, all the good and big things in life start from a Dream or a Thought.

Please read the title of the article again, I have mentioned Fitness as a Journey. It is for a particular reason it has been emphasized as a Journey because it needs planning just like you plan your Trips and Holidays or for that matter every day.

What are the points you have to ponder while embarking on this Journey?


Everything that we do in life has a purpose, without a purpose there is no point going forward as then there is something purposeful you would encounter and leave this journey. I started this journey cause I wanted to look good and also be a role model for my daughter, So to start with find yours. The purpose needn’t be too futuristic or out of this world it could be an upcoming event, occasion or a photo-shoot. Experts say that you need to start with a Goal, but the goal wouldn’t be achieved without a purpose.


Now that you have found your purpose, set a Goal. If you are a beginner set short and realistic goals it can be as short as a Day, For e.g. I will walk 1000 steps today or I will try to walk to my work place (if it is near) or I will avoid taking an escalator to my office and instead climb stairs. Setting short targets would give you a sense of accomplishment on completion and if missed will not lead you on a guilt trip. Goals when kept short and crisp can help you achieve a sense of direction in getting the journey kick started.

Identifying and Eliminating Roadblocks

Whenever you go on a Journey, you are bound to experience Road Blocks. The idea is to identify those Road Blocks and try minimizing them or maybe eliminating them. The biggest Road Block being Mental. Our inability to control our mind rather than mind controlling you is the reason this is the biggest of the Road Blocks. Our mind is very smart and will never let you do things which are different from your daily schedule and difficult in nature. This is where your short term goals will help you get accustomed to a new schedule or strenuous work. Cravings is another major Road Block in your Fitness Journey. Cravings can be anything which are a part of your daily schedule be it a food, drink or even a habit. There is a saying “Good habits are difficult to learn but easy to quit, Bad habits are easy to learn but difficult to quit”. Start with decreasing the frequency of such cravings limit it to one a day and then once in two days and so on. You can also set a reward frequency for those cravings, like rewards yourself with your favorite food, drink when you accomplish your short term Goal.


Consistency is what will get you towards your ultimate goal. Short terms Goals will help you get started but the ultimate goal will be a combination of these short term targets. Make sure there isn’t too much of a gap between your short term goals because that would be like climbing a stair, getting off it and then climbing again. The longer wait period between your short targets will not just be a road block but a U turn in your Fitness Journey. Remember we had decided on those short term targets as a beginner to get you started, but will you always want to stay a beginner. Once you have crossed the beginner phase the journey requires Consistency. Consistency doesn’t get affected when you go off it for a day or two, most of the people go on a guilt trip for too long once there is a short break in their routine. Enjoying your daily life is as important as being on a long journey, it is like driving through a pristine valley during your holidays and stopping to click a picture or two or maybe spend a day there. It doesn’t mean you will stay at that particular location for a week or will settle there for Life.


The last and the most important thing that will help you reach your goal is your Effort. Every task that you do requires effort, even walking a single step. Once you channelize all your effort in a particular direction or in a particular way you move towards your target. Effort doesn’t relate to energy, don’t spend all your energy in a single effort cause you might get exhausted pretty soon. Effort has to be Consistently used to Identify and Eliminate Road Blocks to achieve our Goal and solve the Purpose.

Amit Bahuguna

Mentor, Muscles and Wellness

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