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Muscles and Wellness

We believe in overall wellness, not just the aesthetic part. We know how to transform and hence we say, SKINNY or FAT, We Help You Fix That.

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Our Mentors are very passionate towards their work. They help you with personally designed quantified nutrition plans and keep you motivated throughout your journey.

Meal & Exercise Notifications

We bring you the best application that notifies you about your meals and exercise schedules.

Dedicated To Our User's

Our firm is purely dedicated to the health of its clients. Our motive is to secure 100% customer satisfaction.

Economy Diet Plan

  Most economical Fat Loss/Mass Gain plan

  Prepared by expert nutrition consultants

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12 Week Mentorship Plan

  Most economical 12 Week Fat Loss/Muscle Gain plan

  Free Exercise Chart & access to our training blogs

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24 Week Mentorship Plan

On-Floor Training Plan

12 Week Elite Mentorship Plan

This is one of the best plans to find a new you.
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About Muscles & Wellness

Muscles and Wellness was established with an initiative to minimise the fitness issues people face. Most of the people in the world battle diseases that mainly arise due to health degradation. People are moving towards a higher risk of cardiac arrests, high blood pressure, diabetes, thyroid etc to name a few. Many of these problems can be dealt by following a healthy lifestyle. Statistics revealed that around 462 million people all over the world are underweight while to its contrast arou ....

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It would be perfect to do with your family, friends, co-workers anyone who I have started a lot of diets and programs.

    • Free meal notifications for paid clients
    • Chat with your mentors on the go
    • Update your daily activities and get expert opinion
    • Prepare your diet chart with ease

Our Blog


  Everybody wants to be fit and healthy. We dream about looking like a Bebo or Shakira or a hunk like Hrithik or Brad Pitt. There is nothing wrong with dreaming or thinking about it, all the good and big things in life start from a Dream or a Thought.

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  To every woman who’s been asking me if it’s safe to work out during “those days”, I say, why not? The menstrual cycle is a natural part of your body, and can absolutely coexist along with your health and fitness. It can seem difficult, consid

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