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Muscles and Wellness

We believe in overall wellness, not just the aesthetic part. We know how to transform and hence we say, SKINNY or FAT, We Help You Fix That.

Hire a Mentor

Our Mentors are very passionate towards their work. They help you with personally designed quantified nutrition plans and keep you motivated throughout your journey.

Meal & Exercise Notifications

We bring you the best application that notifies you about your meals and exercise schedules.

Dedicated To Our User's

Our firm is purely dedicated to the health of its clients. Our motive is to secure 100% customer satisfaction.

Pocket Friendly Plan

  Most economical Fat Loss/Mass Gain plan

  Prepared by expert nutrition consultants

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Personal Mentorship Plan

  Most economical 12 Week Fat Loss/Muscle Gain plan

  Free Exercise Chart & access to our training blogs

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Fat Burner Plan

Make-Over Plan

Post Pregnancy Plan

On-Floor Training Plan

About Muscles & Wellness

We started as a Facebook Group by the name of Muscles and Wellness to share our knowledge with people who lack awareness in nutrition;were misguided and were leading an unhealthy lifestyle.This idea then took shape further and we launched our website to reach out to more people. Having been formed in the year 2016, Muscles and Wellness is now inclined towards ensuring healthy lifestyle goals for a general being. Muscles and Wellness was established with an initiative to minimise the fitne ....

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It would be perfect to do with your family, friends, co-workers anyone who I have started a lot of diets and programs.

    • Get notifications for your diet and training
    • Control Changes for Best Result
    • Update your daily activities and get expert opinion

Our Blog


    The information you are about to read is not found in newspapers, T.V, neither in most of health magazines. In fact this is not clearly understood even by most of the personal trainers. In order to understand how do we loose fat, we mus

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Puberty for girls, in simple words, is “the period of sexual maturation and achievement of fertility”. This period is filled with series of significant physical changes coupled with hormonally triggered emotional changes. What about boys? Of course they

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